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Linux Based Solutions

Linux has emerged as the one of the most secure and reliable operating system globally; we offer a variety of Linux based solutions for the:

  • Server Area:
    • Migration from Windows NT/XP/2000
    • Migration from Novell Environment
    • Migrating MS Exchange, IIS, ISA, FAX etc
    • Complete Mailing/Internet solutions
    • Deskless messaging solution
    • Anti SPAM and Antivirus solutions
    • Bandwidth management
    • Firewall solutions
    • Inexpensive Routers
    • Directory service
    • Commercial Database servers (ORACLE, Sybase, Interbase etc.)
    • Open Database solutions (MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL )
    • Network Management
    • Telephony for voice and fax services
    • Remote Access services
    • Load Balancing & Fail over Clusters
    • Remote boot
    • Raid and LVM configuration
    • Firewall and security solutions
    • Completely Linux based Labs
  • Desktop Area :
    • Migration from different desktops like Windows 98/XP
    • Migration from Microsoft Office
    • Accounting
    • Charting
    • CAD
    • Multimedia application
    • Mail/News and other internet services
    • Fax client
    • Development environment
    • Graphics & Animation


Our networking solutions include:

  • Network designing
  • Network Structured Cabling (UTP, STP, & OFC)
  • LAN/WAN Installation and implementation
  • Network Integration


Success of any business lies in efficient automation of workflow. Whether it is your document or production plant or accounts or telephones, we provide automation for all the environments. An example to illustrate this would be Production monitoring system or Automatic Bell Ringer which is micro controller based system which interacts with real life gazettes.


Integration is heart of our business. Be it your legacy machines or software or hardware or machinery or electronics, We can make everything talk with IT. An example in this regard would be an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), which makes Telephony integrated with IT.


Today everybody needs global presence, and web provides a common platform for this. Apart from providing a global presence Web also provides you a mechanism to make your business work from anywhere. An example can be the Xavier's Labour Relation Institute Web site, which provides web-based services, related to admissions, mail, student & faculty data over the web.


We offer a wide range of software solutions, to meet your business goals. Apart from having different readymade package for many common areas like Hospital, Schools, Accounting etc., we also develop custom software which vary on the user's requirement.