Welcome to Symphony Technologies

We made prodcuts which changes the way you work!

With an increasing number of IT solutions, it is becoming very difficult for people to decide which technology to use. Our mission is to integrate the best services from each field and bring them under one roof at affordable prices. Today most of the IT businesses are focused in certain areas. Some people are experts in software development while some are equally good in Hardware, Electronics, or Networking. Problems start when they try to use technology from other areas. When an organization from the Software Development area, tries to do Networking, either they find it too difficult or too expensive. If they try to do it by themselves, it may be too difficult for them or if they hire a dedicated person, for that work, it may turnout to be very expensive.

Today, nobody talks about Software or Hardware, they talk about Solutions. Unlike earlier days, the present day customer says "I have this problem, what solutions do you have for this?". The best solution often consists of various technologies, from diverse fields. Thus there is a burning need for a complete solution provider, one who can integrate the best products and services from across all the fields of IT, at affordable prices. A "One Stop Solutions Provider" saves cost and improves efficiency for the customer. Our idea is to let people work in areas they are good at and combine their expertise to offer the best deal.

To keep abreast with the latest technology, we are moving with "Open Source Technology". A little "Old" technology in IT is considered "Obsolete" and thus any investing in the latest proprietary software's is unprotected and uneconomical. By adapting "Open Source", we are always with today's technology. To summarize, our mission is

  • Complete range of IT Products, Services & Solutions
  • Integrate the best services at minimal cost
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Agile Solution
  • Latest Technology based on reason and not hype
  • Ideal Solution Surpassing Expectations

Integration of best services at minimal cost

Those days are gone when a customer comes to us and asks us for a piece of software say a word processor. Today, users come to us with their requirements; the idea is to give him a solution to his problems keeping the essential cost factor in mind. This involves the selection of the right set of technologies from various technologies in different fields, at the same time ensuring interoperability between them.

Maximizing ROI

It is important to see that investments made by our users in technologies earlier are not altogether discarded in the wake of a new one. The idea is to give the users interoperability between technologies whereby the client benefits from the plus points of both avenues. Maximizing the return on your investments is vital to establishing and maintaining your leadership in the market.

Agile solution

Everyone is aware of the rapid changes that take place in the IT industry, technologies that are new today may be obsolete tomorrow with the advent of a new improved technology, and we ensure that the solutions we provide are up to date with emerging trends. We have expertise in open source solutions which takes good care of the obsolescence factor, as updates and resources are freely and widely distributed over the internet. Another major benefit of the open source platform is that they are compatible with most technologies and offer a much higher degree of security as well as efficiency.

Latest technology based on reason and not hype

During the late 90's we find many companies, which fell victim of a hype surrounding the internet and its prospects. We don't let ourselves get carried away with any such hype; all we do is to make a clear cost-benefit analysis to help our users adopt the latest hardware and software technologies based purely on reason and logic.

Ideal Solution Surpassing Expectations

We intend to surpass our user's expectations by providing the ideal solution from various sets of technologies at the least possible cost. We also see that the solutions we provide are user friendly, and they have features and benefits that he might not have anticipated from us.

Full featured Research & Development Cell

We have our R&D cell which aims towards product enhancement and development, especially in fields of electronics, hardware-software, telephony, networking, embedded systems etc. This way our solutions keep improving with the passage of time.

Self motivated & committed employees

A key to the success of Symphony Technologies has been the attitude of its work force. It's a dedicated and committed force, which works towards achieving a goal, with good service standards and delivering quality work. The emphasis is to get the job done surpassing the user's expectations and not merely putting in long hours of labour. 

Diverse expertise

The experience and expertise of Symphony Technologies and its workforce is diverse with the ability to adapt and mould to the latest changes, so that under any circumstance the user does not have to compromise. This expertise results in saving of valuable time and costs.

Customer & Employee friendly environment

As mentioned earlier we have a team of dedicated and committed employees, such a highly motivated work force directly results in the maintenance of friendly and cordial atmosphere towards customers and all parties alike.

Open Technology

A 10-year heritage of open thinking has fused the idea of freedom into Symphony's core. You have the freedom to choose the platform and the technology. Instead of competing with technologies, we are fully with all the technologies. Most of our products and solutions follow the Open Source Technology standards to take the advantage of great power of emerging and extensible technology standards like J2EE, CORBA etc.