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Product Name – FLAWGUARD
Product Created for – Tata Steel Global Wires, Tarapur MIDC, Thane Maharashtra
An Industrial Wire manufacturing factory a unit of Tata Steels

Issue – Wires made and supplied to customers in huge rolls, however any crack or defect in any part of the roll, entire roll used to get rejected

This product was for wire fault detection system. A real time digital system to detect cracks in wire while production, display its finding immediately via a LED light and buzzer, mark the defected area with a color spray, log the fault data with timestamp, create a log report.

Software used: Python, C, SQLite, LABVIEW
Hardware used: Raspberry Pi, ATMEGA168, LCD, ADC, Buzzer

This helped in reducing rejection and controlling quality production.




Product Name – Coach Guidance System
Product Created for – Indian Railways (Eastern Zone)

Issues – No system to assist a passenger on platform to know where he can expect his reserved coach of an arriving train to save time. Presumptions and chaos once trains arrives halting for very few minutes.
Coach Guidance System (Currently running at TATANAGAR railway station) LEDs matrix based Coach guidance system for displaying Coach Nos.of Arriving Train Number.
TIB – Train Information Board, displaying arriving trains details.
All the matrix are connected in RS-488 bus for long distance communication which were earlier integrated in a signal room on a huge board accessed by few railway technicians.
Hardware used: Microcontroller (AT89c52), Shift register, RS-488 decoder
Software used: Assembly Language, embedded C, MySQL

This helped passenger to stay in area on the platform where coaches aligned to the arriving train rack are expected saving time, rush at last moment, more over a small initiative avoiding stampedes and accidents involving crowd. Digital help making passenger travel a bit smooth.

Now we are in process of making LED information board, or Production Display Board leaving behind the LED boards.


Product Name – Online Digital Audio Mixer
Product Created for – All India Radio - Jamshedpur

Issues – AIR building had different rooms specified for their audio productions and then there was a relay station or news room. The audio control mixers was operated manually in each room individually.

AIR's hardware was used, modified a bit. We created an Online Digital audio mixer which has software interface to control panel. This synchronized all the sound mixers online.

Hardware used: Microcontroller (AT89c52), Relays, DAC, RS-232/RS-488 decoder
Software used: Assembly Language

Human interference was reduced. Saved Human hours and Correction were digitized improving quality production and relaying.


Product Name – GPS based REAL TIME CLOCK (RTC).
Product Created for – Indian Railway
Issues – Incorrect Time displayed by clocks on platform

Every station had own clock and used to get timed out due various reasons. It was not synched with global repository

We created a (RTC) clock directly synching it with the GPS satellite(18nano second accuracy) , now all platforms on every station shows the same time. It is now digitally managed reducing manual interference.

Hardware used: AVR atmega162, Garmin OEM GPS module, RS-232/RS-488 decoder
Software used: Assembly Language, embedded C, MySQL


Product Name – Water pump controller with real time level monitoring and logging
Product Created for – Local Housing Body of 6 floors
Issues – Managing water supply was messy and required continuous human efforts.

Water level sensing with automatic stop and start of motor. Real time display of water level with 0.5 cm accuracy. Data logging for water usage and filling. Web based dashboard for controlling the motor and displaying current water level.

Hardware used: Raspberry Pi 2, Ultrasonic sensor, Solid stat relay
Software used: Python, C, PHP
Now the residence enjoy hassle free water supply. They get log of water usage, Motors now self-start, water loss due to overflow controlled.


Product Name – Bell ringer with RTC (School)
Product Created for – Schools in the state of Jharkhand
Issues – Bell Should Ring at a fixed time with minimum human interference
Bell ringer with RTC (School) PC and GPS synchronized real time clock. 7day different schedules up to 20 times/day can be stored (140 schedules). School can configure different timing for bell for weekdays and can run standalone.

Hardware used: Microcontroller (AVR atmega162), Garmin OEM GPS module, USB-serial module, LCD, Solid state relay
Software used : Assembly Language, embedded C, Delphi (PC interface)
Auto scheduler – mostly used product real Time Clock RTC


Product Name – Industrial OCR for production plant
Product Created for – TATA BEARINGS
Issues – Fraud or duplicate bearing spare part
Automatic detection of engraved writing on produced items (Bearings). Optical Character Reader (OCR) data logged to database with timing and compared against existing listing to find duplicates.

Hardware used: Industrial camera, Light strip
Software used: Tesseract API, C, PHP (Web interface)
Detecting barred/ duplicate or fake products became easy




Product Name – Scheduled imaging/processing to database
Product Created for – TATA STEELS
Issues – Difficult to assume the volume of raw material received.
Scheduled imaging/processing to database
User can define the schedules for every day for automatic image capture. Images are stored in Oracle database BLOB fields. With image processing system finds out volume of material.

Hardware used: Industrial camera
Software used: Visual C++ with camera API, Oracle Database API
Now when the dumpers get empty, the camera captures it image, processes the image and relates it to the database provides assumed volume of raw materials received. Now officials have remote access to this area. Managing stock is bit easy and managed efficiently.


Product Name – Smart Annunciator panel
Product Created for –
Issues – It was physically managed and reports of monitoring these incidents didn't help management to forecast pre-preparation in such cases
48 channel for fault input with centralized monitoring and logging. Apart from LED panel big LCD screen is also programmed for better viewing.

Hardware used: AT MEAGA168, Raspberry Pi with HDMI
Software used: Embedded C, Python, PHP
Now the centrally monitored Annunciator Panel digital system, signals fault in critical area, attendants' reports are real time monitored, time taken to resolve issue is checked and smoothly managed.


Product Name – Smart Power Controller
Product Created for –
Issues – 16 channel power modules with Bluetooth connectivity. Any electrical gadgets like AC, lights, fans etc. can be connected to these channels and can be controlled by mobile app or website.

Hardware used: Raspberry Pi 3, Solid state relay, RTC
Software used: Python, Delphi (PC interfacing)
Saving electricity and proper management of services


Product Name – Engine RPM Counter and Logger
Product Created for –TATA Cummins
Issues – Engine Motors are received for servicing, had to be serviced depending upon the incident reported by customer without scrutinizing whether compliances were followed while motor was operating.

A black Box type very small digital device was created. This Real time Alternator RPM counter with logging of data to SDCARD (time and RPM) gave real time reports of motor operated.

Hardware used: Teensy 3.1, SD Card writer,
RTC Software used: Embedded C, Delphi (PC interfacing)
The servicing team could find the flaws customer made while running this engine with proof. Now the replacement of parts is reduced. Services are charged. Adding to Profits offcourse.


Product Name – 16 digital + 2 Analog Channel Wireless Controller
Product Created for – Mining Company
Issues – Approaching Mine area is not easily accessible, managing motor pump operations real time was a hard task as these huge pumps are very sensitive and they burn if water levels are not monitored efficiently.

16 digital data and 2 analog data can be transmitted to remote module without any wire (2Km range).

Hardware used: ATMEGA48, XBeePRo
Software used: Embedded C
Now the entire monitoring is digitally managed. Pumps shut down with digital sensors signaling the central board to do so.


Real Life Projects

Product Name – Subscriber Management System for cable service providers
Product Created for – SAFAL Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Hyderabad.
Issues – Manual management of customer accounts using cable connection

Software to automate operations of CSP. Automated billing, Integration with Conditional Access System (CAS of irdeto, NDS), POS handheld

Software used: PHP, Python, MySQL, C
Platform: Server on Linux, Nodes (Browser based)
Cache controller end to end solution for cable service provider. Now the subscriber views a welcome note on starting his TV Set and gets message about due bill beforehand.


Product Name – MBNBC (Mobile based New Born Care)
Product Created for – UP State Govt.
Issues – Lack of digital system to check procedure for new born and mother care. Pregnant registration, Birth/Death reporting, WHO alarms the new born mortality rate for 0-5 years.

Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) is an initiative of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare State Govt. of UP in association with WHO & Melinda Gates Trust, to leverage information technology for ensuring delivery of full spectrum of healthcare and immunization services to pregnant women and children up to 5 years of age. It is an innovative, web-based application, developed, to facilitate and monitor service delivery as well as to establish a two-way communication between the service providers and beneficiaries.

Generation of work plans of ANMs, sending regular alerts to the service providers as well as beneficiaries about the services due and a user-friendly dash board for health managers at various levels to monitor delivery of services will go a long way in ensuring quality service delivery, micro birth planning, ensuring universal immunization and will have positive impact on important health indicators like Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio. It will also help in evidence based planning and continuous assessment of service delivery to pregnant women and children. Audio-Video based scientific questionnaire suggested by WHO for every enrolled pregnant/mother's answers are registered, based on answer system would suggest the further treatment to be provided.

For Govt to check mortality rate of newborn this tool will provide database to plan for robust medical program for society. Now Voice/Image based questionnaire, Classification of new born, Remedy, Centralized tracking is in progress. Close monitoring of ASHA by ANMs is possible as every data is maintained.

Software used: Android SDK, PHP, SQLITE, JAVA
Platform: Android based smartphone
Implementation site: Jhansi District of UP state

Product Name – Touch screen based PNR and accommodation availability Railway
Product Created for – Indian Railway
Issues – Passengers had stand in que or call to get the status of their waiting or availability of tickets

A Kiosk application for passengers travelling in railway was developed

Software used: jQuery, PHP, JavaScript, Python
Platform: Linux
Implementation site: Railway station of TATANAGAR, RANCHI, ROURKELA, JHARSUGDA
Passengers now have independent access to check availability and status of tickets


Product Name – EPG Grabber (Electric Program Guide)
Product Created for – SAFAL Solutions PVT. LTD. – Hyderabad
Collection of Electronic Program Guide(EPG) for all available channels and conversion into various format for integration with CAS.

Software used: JAVA, XSLT, Python
Platform: Linux/Windows, DreamBox
Implementation site: SAFAL Solutions PVT. LTD. – Hyderabad

Product Name – Real-time asset monitoring system
Product Created for – Tata steel mines and Airtel
Software to automate the monitoring and controlling the assets remotely. It also gives you geo-position of your device in Google-map, Machines efficient use is managed using the system.

Software used: PHP MySQL, Python, Google-map API
Platform: Linux/Windows, Garmin GPS Receiver
Implementation site: Many sites of Tata steel mines and Airtel


Product Name – GMI Measurement System
Product Created for – NML Jamshedpur (National Metallurgical Laboratory)
LABVIEW based system for plotting graph for data integration of Gauss meter, Impedance analyzer and power supply. To get reports and data for metal kept under magnetic field.

Software used: NI LABVIEW
Platform: Windows
Implementation site: NML Jamshedpur

Product Name – Reservation Chart Display Unit
Product Created for – Indian Railways

A system designed to avoid usage of paper stationary where the reservation charts were printed and fixed on notice boards. The time, stationary and efforts are now saved. The LED screens now display the entire lists in sequence as integrated with NTS servers.

Sensor based signaling system to close and open the unmanned railway gates. The gate will close and open once the train passes from a location where sensor is fixed.


Product Name – Industrial Dashboard for production monitoring
Product Created for – Tata Tubes Division
Issues – Managing data manually and dependency on matching physical counts
Dashboard taking live feed from fields and updating based on logic. Data is stored and displayed to all concerned with production management with minimal human interference. Software used: Python, MySQL Platform: Raspberry PI Implementation site: Tata Tubes Division


Product Name – Internet access control
Product Created for – Clients from Hotel and Office site

For controlling internet access to predefined users using prepaid coupons. 

Software used: Python, MySQL, PHP, iptables
Platform: Linux

Product Name –Call Centre for Agro Advisory Information System
Product Created for – Safal Solutions (Secunderabad)
Issues – Agri expert was unable to reach all farmers and attend to all complaints

Call center for the agriculture information via mobile phones and Voice channels of Normal phones. Facility for Conference, Call logging, Authentication, Voice menu

Software used: Python, C, Asterisk Open source PBX, MySQL
Platform: Linux, Symbian 9.1
Implementation site: Safal Solutions (Secunderabad)

Now the registered farmer can send image or voice message for issue faced at his farm and quickly get solution for his problem from the team of experts.


Product Name – SMS Gateway (Currently running at KGP, Ranchi Rly Station)
Product Created for – Indian Railways

Automation of GSM and CDMA messaging through computer.  PC interfacing of any GSM phone for automatic SMS sending and receiving. 

Hardware used: GSM Nokia mobile phone, USB Serial data interface for Nokia phone
Software used: Assembly Language, Delphi, MySQL

Product Name – Network Equipment Monitoring
Product Created for – XLRI

Dashboard to show usage and failure of critical network equipment by taking SNMP traps into reading. 

Software used: TCL/TK,Python (Raspberry pi)
Platform: Linux


Product Name – Power controller
Product Created for –

Power controller based on global schedule System to control and monitor power hungry equipment based centralized schedule which can be given per day basis given by user.

Software used: PHP, Python

Product Name – Vehicle Location system
Product Created for – The Ministry of Transportation of Bahrain

This system was made for Kingdom of Bahrain (An Arab Country)

For a transport company owned by government of Bahrain. System to locate where the vehicle, speeding's, whether the vehicle is not entering in fencing / restricted zone. The system was developed giving the central monitoring team alerts about any trespassing, over speeding and locating the vehicle.

As the government vehicles are also imposed with traffic violation penalties and fines in Bahrain, it was a big help controlling these nuances.


IoT based Voice Controlled Automation Program

Like Amazons Alexa and Google Assistantvoice controlled automated system. We can design a system which will hear your orders and give results after analyzing it using IoT technology.

For example,
while working on laptop we need to get any required report the system will fetch it from your server.
If at home you want your instruments / appliances to be started or stopped etc.


Product Name –A mobile phone application for Logistic company
Product Created for –For the Logistic Department of Ministry of Transportation;

A mobile phone application for Logistic company. It was designed based on specifications followed by the company to pick up and deliver consignments. There were various types of products listed which could be shipped under categories listed.

This app assisted the customer and the company to arrange pack the parcel and save time. Also to forecast vehicle space required to pick up and similarly quote bill.

A digital Device for Swachh Bharat

A centrally monitored small device is fixed on the door of the toilet to report the cleanliness status, physical status of the structure. Assisting the user with status to further use / clean the toilets.