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We made prodcuts which changes the way you work!

School Management System

This is a comprehensive school automation software. It includes all the necessary features like admissions, fee collections, time tables, payrolls etc. It has been implemented at Guru Nanak Public School, Sambalpur and also at Loyola School, Jamshedpur.

Hospital Management System

This is a complete hospital automation software which includes all the major functions of any hospital. It includes registration, billing, admission, inventory, pharmacy, laboratory, etc. This software has been implemented at Nazareth Hospital, Mokama.

Inventory Management System

It is complete software for inventory which includes stock maintenance, billing, stock levels and product database. It maintains re-order levels which ensures availability of stock at all times.

Payroll System

This is a fully functional payroll system for small and medium sized organizations. It has the provisions for all different kinds of allowances and deductions. It includes automatic attendance, leave, loan and payroll generation. This solution has been implemented at DBMS Jamshedpur.

Accounts Management System

This is a basic accounting system with all the necessary components of accounting i.e. journal, ledger & trial balance and facilitates generation of financial statements on yearly or periodical basis.

Mobile application for Andorid and iOS

We have developed specialized mobile application for both platforms.

  • mSakhi – mobile based new born care
  • watr – mobile based water delivery and supply
  • mServ – mobile based utility service

Library Information Management System

This is a system which takes care of the day to day library management; it contains all modules required for a Library. Features include a book database, records relating to issue of books, member information, calculation of fines etc. It has extensive search capabilities allowing the user to search by title, topic or author and also lists substitutes depending on the author or subject.

Hotel Management System

This system is an application for general hotel management and includes a room reservation, room status, guest information and other hotel related functions.

Transport Information Management System

This software is made to assist with the management of a transport company. It keeps a track of the vehicles, their costs, losses due to breakdowns etc.

Billing System

This software takes care of sales and purchases, preparation of bills, receipts etc, and has been implemented in a few offices in Jamshedpur.

Network Marketing Software

This is a software which is designed to automate net marketing. It calculates the commission due to any agent based on position in a tree.

Help Desk management software

This software is designed to manage a technical help desk, or a general helpdesk through e-mail phone calls etc. It keeps a track of all complaints/queries and helps to check whether complaints/queries have been attended or not

Software Development Tools

We have developed components that would work across programs with different architectures using the Component Object Model, DCOM & CORBA.

Specialized Software

Our specialized software's have been implemented at various Railway Stations. They include:

  • Online Reservation Status display System
  • Monitor based train status indication system
  • Automatic Announcement system, Interactive Voice response system, & Coach Guidance System

Handheld Devices & PDA's

Software has been developed for hand held devices and Personal Digital Assistants, Simputer, Palm information kiosks etc.

Smart Card readers & Terminals

Research on smart card reader's lead to the development of a financial services package, which was implemented in Hyderabad.

Embedded Solutions

Our embedded solutions include specialized applications for microcontrollers, for use in cell phones Simputers and Palm.

Flash Memory Products

These refer information's kiosks and point of sale devices, to provide immediate information to the concerned user.

Networking Products

We are the authorized system-integrators for D-link products and we provide a wide range of networking products and the software support for them.

Electronic Products

We have developed electronic products; examples in this area are magnetic card readers, electronic clocks and an automated bell ringer.