Welcome to Symphony Technologies

We made prodcuts which changes the way you work!

Electronic Products

  • Microcontroller based Tower Clock
  • Coach Guidance system
  • Production Monitoring System
  • GPS synchronized clock
  • Obstacle detection using ultrasonic sensor
  • Wireless data logger (zigbee and reaspberrypi)
  • Alexa based voice control automation
  • Fluid level detector/Water pump controller
  • Wire crack detector for wire mill
  •  PLC controlled drop gate
  • Machine vision/Artificial intelligence iron ore volume
  • RPM Counter with Datalogger


  • IVRS (PNR, Accomodation, Fare, Train Status, PRS connectivity, NTES):  Balasore, Adra & Jharsugda Railway Stations
  • Auto Answering System  : Tata & Rourkela Railway Stations


  • Heterogeneous Network : XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • Railnet : Chakradharpur Div. &  Khurda Div.
  • Passenger Complaint Network: Tatanagar, CKP, Jharsugda & Rourkela Railway Stations.
  • LAN : Little Flower School, Loyola School, Sacred Heart Convent, Carmel Junior College etc
  • WAN Configuration – Tata Metaliks

Specialized Softwares

  • Tatanagar, Rourkela, Jharsugda, Chakradharpur Railway Stations
  • Nazareth Hospital & Tripolia Hospital
  • Guru Nanak Public School, DBMS & SHS