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Training for all our Products and Solutions

We also provide quality training in all our solutions and products, because we use diversified technologies, in some cases training is necessary for the smooth functioning of the systems in place. For example in cases where users would like to migrate from one operating system to another. We make sure that our solutions are implemented properly and that adequate training is given to see that our products fulfill the needs of the user.

Exclusive Training for Linux and Open Source

We provide training exclusively for Linux, it offers much more security than windows and there are users who want to get acquainted with Linux, for which they are given training. Cases where Linux is implemented in the server area, training sometimes becomes necessary so that users can administer Linux and various software's that run on the server. There are other open source technologies like Apache, MySql, Sendmail etc. where training is imparted for server configurations to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Specialized Training

We also provide specialized training at our training division; examples could be courses on Oracle, Visual Basic, device drivers etc. Our division also specializes in the field of computer education by which people can take up courses on computer basics to hardware and software programming.